We all start somewhere.

Welcome to my first post! I would like to give a special mention to Alicia on my cake fan page for starting me on this whole venture to create a blog site :). Thank you! Seeing as this originated from my cake fans I thought it fitting to do my first post about cake! YUM YUM 😀

I’m going to show you something that now lies deep within my computer files, rarely viewed again…….. My first ever fondant cake lol. It was February 2010 and my eldest daughter’s 2nd birthday. Me being me and never wanting to spend money, I thought, “yeah I can do this, how hard can it be right?”. Well yes it wasn’t as easy as they make it look in the Youtube videos but I gave it a good go. And yes, on top are little royal icing fairies from the food store because I cheated haha. Here it is…….


I really had no idea what I was doing! I had no cake boards, incorrect methods, no proper tools, or support inside of this poor cake. Maybe this sounds like you? I’ve heard it before and I know some of you might be think now that this cake is awesome, I did at that time too haha. Now I know different. I wanted to show you this to help inspire you to just give it a go because you might surprise yourself (and you know what, your child will love it anyway… especially if they are 2 and just see this magical thing that smells like sugar).

So what did I use to make this cake?

  • pre-made store bought royal icing fairies.
  • 100’s & 1000’s.
  • 8″ square cake tin.
  • 7″ round cake tin.
  • vanilla buttercake .
  • vanilla buttercream.
  • I covered my lazy susan with wrapping paper and there is cling wrap underneath the cake.
  • ready to roll white icing (fondant).
  • gross-grain ribbon.
  • a wooden skewer to make dots and marks in the letters and leaves.
  • a rolling pin.
  • water to use as glue because fondant sticks with a little bit of water.
  • food colouring (gell colours or powders are best to use).
  • clean playdough cutters for the letters.
  • a candle.
  • kitchen knife to cut and trim the fondant.
  • my hands!

So armed with all of that from my kitchen draws and being pretty much the first time baking a cake, I was set to make it look like I knew what I was doing haha.

Fast forward 3 years and a whole lot of practice………

and I get to create this for little Daisy.

8664_618399394855312_2102943485_n (this cake design is not mine so I do not take creative rights to it)

So, yes this is what I imagined to create in my mind when I did that first cake for my daughter. In no way it turned out like this one, but I got there. So since then, I’ve obviously been to the cake supply store a lot and got myself some proper tools. There has also been had a lot more researching and practicing done.

What has changed with the tools I used?

  • This cake uses a cake board, a support card in the middle and top (toadstool) layers, and dowels through it for support to hold it up as cakes are heavy and can crush themselves or topple / tilt! (I’ll show you in a later blog how to do this)
  • My Lazy Susan is now used to sit the cakes on while decorating so I can spin them.
  • Gone are the playdough cutter letters and I now have proper lettering cutters.
  • The fairies’ dresses are made using a leaf cutter and embossing set.
  • The fairies are shaped using flower modelling tools, Tylose powder to help them dry quickly and hold their shape better, butterfly cutter and embossing set, and a scouple
  • A better buttercream recipe so my fondant didn’t try to slide off the sides of the cake.
  • A cutting wheel to cut the grass and trim the fondant.
  • Lastly a fondant smoother.

I thought I would add below some photos of when I started and others of now to see my progression of my cake decorating skills and you may see some you would like to create yourself. If you think you can make some of these or your own design I would love for you to have a go and show us!

Then (2010) Lots of cakes were made, my skills grew quickly.

(2011) Things got busy and lots of 3D and wedding cakes!


(2013) I feel this was my best year with cakes

(2014) I had a break this year and stopped making cakes so often


(2016) We moved house and cakes got very casual

Now (2017) the year is young


I hope you found some inspiration from my post. Sorry it was a bit longer than expected. In my next cake post I will be giving you my recipe for a vanilla buttercake and vanilla buttercream. I’ll also be showing you photos of the tools I have and recommend if you’re wanting to start cake decorating as a hobby.

Thank you for reading!



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