How To Make A Shooting Star Cake Topper


Topper made by me, cake made by Kirrili – nice job! Thank you for the photo 🙂


I want to share with you today a step by step guide on how I made this shooting star cake topper out of fondant. It’s not perfect but it did the job for my friend who was in need, and now hopefully you can make your own too!

I was sent this image for something to work from for it……


This one can be bought from a number of online stores ranging from about $15 – $30 I found (Google “shooting star cake topper” and it should come up). From what I can see it is made from paper. You may like to create your star with the traditional rainbow colours.

You should make your topper at least 3 – 4 days before you need to use it to ensure it is completely dry and hard.

What will you need?

First: Clean your hands and the surface you are working on! 😛

Here is what I used:


  • Gel food colouring (yellow, green, teal, pink, purple, blue)
  • Edible gold shimmer dust
  • Star cookie cutter
  • Fondant
  • Tylose powder (a powder used to mix with fondant to be able to work with the fondant thinner and it will dry harder and faster)
  • White sugar and a small zip lock bag
  • Baking paper
  • Rolling pin
  • 2 x Wooden skewers – long
  • Cling wrap
  • Paint brush only used for food
  • Napkins, paper towel, or tissues
  • A sharp knife or fondant cutter
  • Computer paper, pencil, and scissors.

(Any of these you don’t have, you can pick up from your local or online cake decorating supply store).

Step 1. Knead in the Tylose powder into the fondant, then make up the colours you will be using, remember to keep some white.

Step 2. Wrap each colour ball in cling wrap so it doesn’t dry out.

I also put mine in an extra zip lock bag to ensure it doesn’t dry.




HOT TIP: If your fondant goes hard you can microwave it for a few seconds and it will soften, but not too long otherwise you’ll have a big hot mess ;). Any bits that stay dried out, break them off and throw them out otherwise you’ll have lumpy fondant.




Step 3. Make a template.

We wanted the topper to be as long as my hand so laying down the star cutter and using my hand as a guide, I marked out length lines to work within.

The cutter I have wasn’t quite right for this topper so I traced around the cutter I had and then used it as a guide to draw a fatter star around it. Then draw the the tail of the star with the colour stripes you want. On this design, the stripes are rough on purpose so that makes drawing them easy! 😀 Then label which stripe is which colour and cut around the whole outside of it.

Step 4. Cut out the white backing of the topper using the template.

Roll out your white fondant on baking paper. Use icing sugar or corn flour if needed to stop your pin sticking to the fondant. I rolled this out to roughly 2 – 3mm thick.

Lay the cut out template on top of the fondant. While holding it in place (making sure not to push down too much and dent the fondant, yet firm enough so it doesn’t move), cut around the template with a sharp knife. If your knife is pulling the fondant out of shape, coat it with some icing sugar or corn flour to reduce the grabbing or cut through gently with more then one stroke.

Put the cut piece aside on a flat surface on top of a napkin or tissue to start drying.

At this stage I would recommend taking a photo of your template with your colour order on it to refer back to later.

Step 5. Make the stick supports.

As magical as we would like this to look, it’s not going to hover up there on it’s own :P.

Roll two little snakes (see size in the pic of my finger), then flatten them a little so they are like rectangles.

Lightly wet the blunt end of your skewers and carefully thread on the rectangle snakes (approx. 6/8 the way up the snake), ensuring they are both even and do not push right through to the top of your snake. If it does this, then start again.

Sit to dry on a flat surface on your napkin or tissue as well.

Step 6. Cut the colour sections from your template.

So here you can see I have cut up my template, separating all of the colours.

One by one, roll out each colour as thin as you can, then cut out each colour with it’s template shape/s. I recommend cutting the star first so it can dry a bit before handling it. Make sure any extra fondant gets rolled back up and stored in the cling wrap again for another creation or in case of a mistake is made and you need to redo a stripe.

Here you have two options:

  1. Place each stripe down on a flat surface ensuring they still match their shape template and cover in cling wrap.There is a risk of drying out here and if they’re not in the right shape they will not fit together and just crack when forced to fit.
  2. Apply each stripe now in order to your white background using a little bit of brushed on water. If you’re doing this, do not apply the star yet.

We are basically creating puzzle pieces here. This same method can be used to create 2D shape character cakes such as these ones I made a few years ago:


Step 7. Make edible gold glitter!

This method can be used to create any colour edible glitter.

In a small zip lock bag, add white sugar (or any kind of sugar except brown), yellow food colouring gel, edible gold shimmer dust.

Close the bag and SHAKE! This is a great job to give to the kids ;).

Open the bag and viola, sweet gold glitter!

Step 8. Cover the star with glitter.

At this stage you may want to paint the star with the gold as well but that’s up to you.

Fondant sticks with water, so for “glue” we are going to brush the fondant with a bit of water and shake over the gold glitter just like you would if you were using normal glitter with glue on paper or something.

Let it sit there for a bit and then shake off the glitter. As you can see in image 3, my star had some clumps and a corner missing glitter. So if this happens to you too, just wet the area missing glitter and apply it again. As for the clumps, just lightly rub over them to smooth it out. Try not to get too much glitter on the back of your star as you will want this to be as clean and flat as possible to stick to your white backing. Set your star aside to dry.

Step 9. Assemble your shooting star.

I went a bit back to front putting the sticks on first so don’t do what I did haha!

If you didn’t stick your stripes on before, you can go ahead and brush on a little bit of water to your white backing and put your puzzle together, referring back to that photo of your initial template layout if you need to.

You may of noticed in the photos that I have a few areas where this didn’t quite match up to the backing. Don’t panic! gently using your sharp clean knife, trim these areas away to match up to each other. No one will ever know ;).

Now you can flip over the shooting star to a flat surface covered in your napkin or tissue paper and stick on your skewers by using a little water and ensuring they are even and straight. Hint: Make sure no water is sitting on the front side of your star otherwise it will create divots and stick to your paper.

Step 10. Leave it to dry.

I left this one to dry in a closed cardboard box sitting flat in my pantry. Note: Your topper will dry faster away from humid air and steam etc. If you have your air conditioning on you will find it will dry quite fast.




When your topper is dry and strong you can carefully lift it out and put your wonderful creation onto your cake! Cutting the skewers carefully if you need to. Congratulations on making your shooting star cake topper!!





What now?

Well you can eat it if you really want to haha, or if you want to store it you can.

To store your topper DO NOT put it in the freezer! If you do the fondant will melt when you defrost it and you’ll just have a big sloppy mess.

You CAN store it back in the cardboard box, sealing it up away from bugs and mice (this is my preferred option as it can breath). Alternatively you can keep it in a takeaway container with tissue or in a air tight container with tissue and some rice to absorb any condensation that may occur.

I hope this has been helpful to you and if you have any questions or requests please let me know :). I wish you all the best.

Thank you! xx




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