From Paper to Platter

I have a sketch book filled with cake designs! While cleaning out an old box the other day I found it. For a long time now I’ve wanted to actually compare my sketches to the real thing and how it translated to a cake. This may be a good or bad result haha, but you’re welcome to come along for the comparisons and I will make another blog post of some design that never made it into cake so I’m happy for you to please use them if you want to.

Here we go…..

This is being a bit of a blast from the past haha.

I was blessed to be able to make this couple’s engagement and wedding cake.

Wow this is bringing back memories…… here are a few girly cakes 🙂

Let’s not forget the boys 😉

I forgot I had made so many! I’m not doing all of them for you today as that would take forever and bore you to tears, but let’s check out how some adult cakes went.

Now for the ones that are the most nerve racking yet exciting part of cake decorating, more wedding cakes! It seems in a few of these I started playing around with using the computer to design them.

Well that’s it! Overall I think I didn’t do too badly at transferring my ideas from paper to platter, what do you think?

I actually realised too when going through my files that I have a lot of step by step photos on how I made some of the cakes so I’m looking forward to going back into those and showing you how I did things.

Thank you for reading and take care! xx





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