Hello! I’m Aileen :). Since I was a little girl, I just loved anything arts and crafts. I was inspired by my Mother and Grandparents who were always making things from scratch and I wanted to be just like them. I would bake and sew with my Grandmother and watch her knit and crocheter like a wizard! My Grandfather was fantastic with wood, making custom frames for the painting and tapestries my Mother and Grandmother would make. My mother, bless her soul has been with God since I was 3, however she was a sewer and a painter and I am blessed to have her works with me to this day to look upon and be inspired by.

I remember when I was a child, everyone would always ask me that age old question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. Well from a young age, right to this day my reply has always been, “An Artist!”. I felt it in my heart and never thought of being anything else. I had a passion for stickers too, oh how I loved to get those gifts that required stickers being put on while assembling haha! Also to this day my poor Dad has been repairing cupboards and walls from where I had my sticker collections, oops sorry Dad!

Through high school I did Art, Furnishing (wood), and Graphics as my electives as I still had no idea apart from art what I wanted to do after school. Well I ended up doing a Fine Arts Bachelor at university majoring in Printing and Drawing. I had dreams of having my works hanging on gallery walls but every struggling artist knows, that isn’t easy and it wasn’t meant to be for me (kudos to those of you who have achieved this!) and I ended up working as a sign writer and also did freelance graphic design from home.

To be honest I haven’t really created any proper artworks since finishing university in 2004. However in 2008 I became a Mum and this kick started my crafty mum life as I wasn’t going to sit at home with bub doing nothing lol. On my daughter’s 2nd birthday I made my first ever fondant covered cake and from there with peoples reactions to it, I couldn’t help to make more for everyone who wanted one, growing my skills. How did I learn? From hours on Youtube, researching on the internet, and just practicing.

So aside from cake decorating, design, drawing and vinyl stickers, I also do beading, scrapbooking, kids multimedia crafts, hair accessories, basic sewing, and home / party decoration crafts. All of these things I do, I have taught myself and learnt tips of others how to do. Sure I have been blessed with some natural talent and the drive to create, but I believe if everyone gives it a good try, they can create something too. I’m all about saving money and not having to pay someone to make something for me when I can have a go to do it myself haha. SO in my blogs I aim to share with you how I do things in a down to earth, simple way and hope that you can learn some tips and be inspired by what you see. By all means if you know another way of doing something or have tips for me too, please feel free to share! Enjoy xxx

My Fan pages:

Cakes: https://www.facebook.com/Aileens-Cakes-114979908530599/

Art: https://www.facebook.com/Aileen-Arklay-Art-Design-124658050910631/

Design & Stickers: https://www.facebook.com/ImageMeGraphics/

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