2 Parties, 1 Day, on a Budget!


Hi all! So recently, my eldest daughter turned 9! I still can’t believe it “whaa!” They make you feel old don’t they? I’ve wanted to do a little princess high tea party for her for a long time and now that we have moved into a small house which can’t fit many people and she’s a little older I thought it would be a great time. She was excited about the idea too so YEY! 😀

One thing that is always on my mind with parties is the budget. Parties can get expensive without noticing can’t they? Most of our birthday parties I budget to spend no more than $200 on everything including the birthday gifts. Well this time it was going to be interesting as I had to have this budget for 2 parties to be held on the same day! So my budget went up to $300 for both. My youngest has his birthday on the same day as his sister :D. He was turning 5. I brain stormed for a bit and chatted to a few friends about it and decided to hold the tea party for lunch and have a play date style party for my son in the back yard for afternoon tea with the sprinkler out to get wet.


I was on a mission to bargain hunt and take advantage of sale items. My first trip was to visit the 2nd hand stores in my local area for anything tea party as I sure wasn’t about to let these sweet girls use my antique tea set! The great thing is, nothing needs to be a set, it can all be random and that adds to the fun. The first store wanted way too much for a few cups and they weren’t even nice, but I found everything with the vintage tea party look I needed at the second store I went to.

I got:

  • 2 tablecloths
  • 2 crystal looking bowls
  • 8 teacups and saucers
  • A sugar bowl and milk jug set

This cost me a total of $14.


My next trip was to the “$2 shop”, we all know what one of those are I hope.

From this shop I bought:

  • Fake flowers
  • Plastic cups and plates for the boys party
  • A happy birthday chain for the boys party
  • Soft jube sugar cube looking lollies to have in the sugar bowl (and yes the girls did end up putting a lump or two in their tea / apple juice) haha crazy kids.
  • Candles for both cakes
  • Paper doilies
  • A pass the parcel prize toy
  • Red balloons and pink balloons
  • Wrapping paper x 2
  • Crown party hats
  • A sticker book for loot bags

All of this cost me $36.


The next place I went was K-Mart, I love that place 😀 From here I bought:

  • Monster truck toys for my boy’s cake
  • A pirate pinata for the boys party
  • Pinata and blindfold stick pack
  • Pink hanging pom pom set
  • A doll for the girls cake
  • Loot bags x 2
  • Loot bag and pinanta prize toys x 9 packs of different kinds
  • Pink flag bunting
  • Freddo Frogs
  • Presents for both children (limited to $100 for both)
  • Assorted lollie bag for pinata and boys loot bags
  • Chocolate coins for the boys loot bags

All of this cost me $140

So far this has cost $190. For everything else like the outdoor toys, slip ‘n’ slide, napkins, cupcake holders, party banner etc I already had on hand at home from previous parties.

Place Names and Invitations.

These were made using scrapbooking supplies I had in my craft box. If you don’t have these supplies you can visit your local $2 shop and I’m sure you can pic them up at a small cost. I have used card stock, paper flowers, sticker diamontes, glitter glue, ribbon, double sided tape, printed computer paper for the text in the invitation, and a fine tip marker. If you’d like to see instructions on how these were made let me know and I’ll post it up. Cost to me at the time: $0

JZKQ1254Names have been distorted sorry for privacy reasons.


The cakes!

Well the boys cake was so quick and simple. Remember before I got the monster trucks and a candle? Well my son wanted a dirty track with monster trucks jumping around so that’s what he got:


Not the prettiest thing in the world and not a good photo sorry haha but he loved it. I used a 7 inch chocolate cake then carved away at it to make a track and jumps, added the carved sections to the outside for more track. I covered the cake with chocolate cookie crunch icing then sprinkled with Milo. Added the candles and trucks (one truck that’s jumping has skewers underneath to hold it up). Simple, yummy, and my boy got the keep the trucks.

Now for something a bit prettier and a bit more work lol, my girls princess doll cake:


This cake didn’t need to serve many so I used 2 x 6 inch round white chocolate mud cakes with white chocolate and almond icing. I searched Youtube on how to make a doll cake then just did my own design with the colours my daughter wanted. We were going to use a barbie crown for her but seeing as my girl’s bedroom is such a mess we couldn’t find it in time haha, sad but true.

I estimate both cakes cost about $20 not including the toys as I covered that price earlier.

Party Food


For the tea party we had:

  • Mini chocolate cupcakes (using let over batter from the boys cake)
  • Mini pancakes with a bowl of jam
  • Jube cube lollies
  • Party mix lollies and chocolates
  • Sugar cookies
  • Chocolate marshmellow slice
  • Fruit skewers (watermelon & rockmelon cut into heart and flower shapes pushed onto skewers with grapes between them)
  • Triangle sandwiches cut into quarters (we used one loaf of bread and made a plate of ham and cheese, and the other plate cucumber and mayonnaise)
  • For the “tea” we had apple juice.

For the boys party we used anything left over from the girls party plus a fresh fruit platter. We still finished with food left over!

I estimate the food for both parties cost roughly $42

Loot Bags

IMG_2213 (2)IMG_2212 (2)




To me save money = make it yourself. Though I did buy some of the loot bag toys, the price of those can add up. I try to make my party bags whistle free (you’re welcome), only a few lollies, and a bit unique. So for the girls as a little gift each we made them beaded bracelets, hair clips and sugar cookie butterflies ( I ran out of time to decorate these). As there was a limit of 6 guests for the girls, it wasn’t too much trouble to do this for all of them.

The costs of everything in these I covered before and also things we made for them were using things I already have in my craft box 😉 and cookie batter left over from the party food. Any extra lollies, the boys would be getting from the pinanta to fill their loot bags with. The only extra cost not covered here is the cello bags for the cookies which I got from Ebay and cost $5.

Total Cost of both parties including gifts= $257

That’s $43 under budget woohoo!!

So what did we do……


Went and got Miss 9 her ears pierced and Master 5 another gift 🙂

I would like to give a special mention to my good friend Christine as if I didn’t have her help with preparations and cleaning up, both parties wouldn’t have  gone as smoothly as it did, so thank you!

I hope this in some way has helped you in doing your own party on a budget. I will be doing more posts of other parties we have had in the past, looking at what we hand made for them.

Thank you for reading xx